Best Easy Ways to Grow your Blog Subscriber List

By posted on August 4, 2017 7:36PM
Grow your Blog Subscriber List

No one gives away their email address for free these days, and let’s face it we ALL struggle with email fatigue. So how do we get people to actually leave that elusive address in your sign up box? In this post, we explore some cool tools and easy ways to grow your blog subscriber list

1) Top tools to give you a head start

This popular platform is known for its insider tips and hacks, and promises to increase your daily email sign ups by a huge 20%! But you’ll have to sign-up for their free trial to even access their site – they sure are pros!
Check it out at

Try driving sign-ups on your website by using a simple Mail Chimp signup form. Alternatively, opt for a pop-up box to appear whenever someone lands on your site.
It’s easy to implement and it won’t cost you a penny.

Originally a WordPress plugin, this site add-on has evolved into a cloud-based app allowing for a centralized location for all content. Optin Monster provides sign-up solutions for businesses, encouraging visitors to ultimately “opt-in”.
COST: $9 USD per month

Used by over 50,000+ websites, these guys are experts in just one type of opt-in form – the very successful, Pop-Up. The great thing about this plugin is that you can either install it as a WordPress plugin or install to any website with the standalone version.
COST: $47 USD one off fee

2) Positioning on the page

You’ve set-up your mailing list and created a sign-up form. What next? Just because you have it
(unfortunately) doesn’t mean that people will automatically subscribe. Basically, you can’t just stick a
form in your sidebar and hope that people will give you their details – you’ve got to sell it. Places to
start might include, mentioning it on landing pages, include it in your blog in subtle ways i.e. offering
more content, and even in social posts which take them directly to the form. Ultimately, let people
know what’s going on!

3) Colour and imagery

When somebody visits your site for the very first time, they will take in everything that is presented to
them, and basically make a judgment on whether they like it or not. A few key aspects to keeping
people interested and spending time on your page include, is it aesthetically pleasing? Is it easy to
navigate? Is it confusing and therefore driving people away? And perhaps most importantly, is it on

Your design sets expectations for your content, for your professionalism and the standard of your
services. To make sure your visitors want to sign-up for more, pay attention to these important details and if you have to, spend money on your branding and your design. A professional will also make sure your sign-up form looks legitimate and pops up in all the right places.

4) Bribe to subscribe

A valuable incentive is a free content, for example, free E-books or online courses. Offering your
potential customers something of value for nothing is a great introduction to your business.

With so much spamming online, most people are hesitant to sign up for emails. By simply offering an incentive, this can be an enticing and fast way to attract new subscribers. Depending on your type of business, discounts and freebies are great, but exclusive content or services that can directly benefit your customers can lead to the ultimate win-win for you and them.

5) Competitions

Contests, when well constructed, create a fun and engaging experience for your readers. The key to a
successful competition is to ensure you are building a valuable database that will benefit you in the
long run. Make sure you are reaching out and recruiting relevant customers so that you’re not left with
dirty data. It’s fairly simple to implement. In fact, pop-ups have been known to work best here. Simply
offer a prize of value, and hopefully with direct relevance to your business, and ask entrants to
register for participation with their email address.

Tip: Each state has a different set of rules which must be complied to when running a competition to
the public. These include rules around permits, and guidelines for competitions which are either
classed as a lottery, or game of chance. Head to for more info.

6) Using social media

Some of social media’s largest platforms now allow for advertising, and at very little cost. Most
recently, Instagram has jumped on board with their Sponsored Posts, which are often used by
companies who are promoting a campaign or competition. Not long before was Twitter with their
promoted Tweets used in a similar manner.

Perhaps the easiest of all is Facebook Ads which you can use to promote your website, your business
Facebook page, and your individual posts for as little as $7. This is called giving your post a “boost”,
and a small amount can get you exposure to thousands of Facebook users, who are targeted
specifically for their interests a great way to narrow down your audience and avoid weak sign-ups.

7) Be mobile friendly

Did you know that mobile accounts for 51% of all email open? With this level of email activity
happening via smart phones, your sign-up forms, as well as emails to your existing database must be
mobile friendly – not just your website.

Tip: Be mindful of various screen sizes, accommodating for everything from tablets to iPhones with
your design.

8) Cross promotion

To give your list the boost it really needs, you may want to look at collaborating with other brands.
Collaborating with like-minded professionals may also be a great way to cross-promote your business
with their audience and vice versa. This can be done via guest-blogging with sign-up options in the
footer or even a pop-up, joint competitions leading to sign-ups for both parties, mentioning each other
on social media posts and even joint advertising to share the costs.

Sometimes, having someone vouch for you can be more powerful than all of the paid initiatives small
business opt for to get started, so creating give-take relationships with like-minded professionals in
your field can lead to great things.

9) Homepage header pop-ups

Without overwhelming your visitors with a half page opt-in form as soon as they click on your site, a
modest home page header can look good and serve a great purpose when done properly. And the
best news? Stats show that they actually work, with a minimum 10% conversion rate. In order to do
this correctly having a header properly designed and coded for your site is the way to go.

10) Find different reasons to mention your list

Be creative with how you weave your sign-up promotions into your blogs, home page, and social
media posts. Try different methods to see what works best for your audience, and what leads to the
best sign-ups for your business. Alternate some of the ideas mentioned in this blog, and engage with
a professional to make the most out of your efforts. Hopefully, you’ll see new and curious subscribers
on your mailing list.

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