How to add multiple websites in one Google Adsense Account

By posted on August 20, 2017 12:05PM
can i use adsense on multiple sites

Suppose if you have already had an AdSense account for your first blog or website. Now you wish to use multiple websites on one Google Adsense Account. We recommended to you do not use more than one AdSense account, There’s no need to open another account, if you are using more than one, AdSense team will immediately ban your account. So before they banned your account, you have to merge two AdSense accounts in one Adsense account.Now come to the point, If you are not adding a newly approved blog or website in site management.But ads also appear on your website, but you will not get any revenue from AdSense, so you have to add a newly approved website manually in Site Management Option in AdSense.If you are not familiar with the Google Adsense learn How To Get Google Adsense For Your Blog

Can I use AdSense on multiple sites? Yes sure Follow the steps

1. Login to your Google Adsense account Visit this link 

can i use adsense on multiple sites

Enter your Registered Email account with AdSense & Password to login.

2.Then click Setting from the left Menu.

can i use adsense on multiple sites
4. Click on My sites Here you will see a list of Sites that you don’t authorize, and place your ad code on, it will still show ads but won’t generate any earnings.

can i use adsense on multiple sites

3.There you can see the checkbox, click on that only allow certain sites to show ads for my account turn it on to Verify the website.

can i use adsense on multiple sites


5.if you want to add another website to your Google AdSense Account not listed here you can click on the Plus sign Button and give the URL of the website.

can i use adsense on multiple sites

And click on Add Site Button on the bottom right.

Note: – Sites that you add to your list of authorized sites will also be added to your Owned sites list automatically, so then you no need to add your new blog in site management.

Can I use one AdSense account to multiple domains (Blogs or website)?

Yes, you can use multiple websites in one Adsense account.Suppose initially you got approval for one website, then you have been started a new blog or website, then you can use your approved AdSense account on both of your websites.

New domains likes

If your account was approved for use on YouTube, then you can only use Adsense on YouTube unless you upgrade your account.
Note that when you add new sites to your account, you are responsible for ensuring they do not violate any AdSense policies or guidelines. Placing ads on unsuitable sites can get your AdSense account permanently disabled.
Before doing this process you must read the Google AdSense Polices and Guidlines

Watch the Video for more details



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