How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 10 after installation


When you need to Partition a Hard Drive after windows installation completion in windows there is a free tool that you can manage your partition easily in windows operating system.

The tool is known as Disk Management that users can partition hard drives without rebooting the computer here is guide how to do this.

Opening Disk Management tool

You can do this process in two ways to open Disk management utility

Method 1: Point corner on the Start Button with mouse and right click. This opens the Quick Access Menu. Choose “Disk Management.”

Partition a Hard Drive with Disk Managemen

Method 2: Open the Cortana. In the search field, type in the words “Create and format hard disk partitions.”

Partition a Hard Drive with Disk Utility

Once the Disk Management utility is open you can see window that has the disk information on the right. Name, size and type of each disk will be indicated. It is important to note that you can only partition disks that are formats supported by Windows. Like FAT16, NTFS and FAT32.


Partition a Hard Drive without losing any Data.

You can resize existing partitions as you wish. However, not all disk partitions can be resized. You can only shrink a partition that has enough free space.

Partition a Hard Drive Shrink Volume

Right click on the drive and select shrink volume

Enter the amount of Space which you want to make a new drive. And unallocated drive will be create next step you have to right click on the free space. Select “New Simple Volume. And create the new drive

Partition a Hard Drive give the size

Choose from the three options that are given. These are “Assign a drive letter”, “Mount in an empty NTFS folder” and “Do not assign any drive letter or drive letter. Select “Assign a drive letter” then Click “Next”.

Partition a Hard Drive

That’s all now you can format your new Drive to use that

Thanks to the Disk Management utility available on Windows 10, partitioning hard drives and managing the partitions created has become easier. This is one of the most powerful free disk utilities available all thanks to Microsoft.



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