Apple has just slow down Mac product development

new macbook pro
Written by Irfan

In fact, it goes without saying that this is quite obvious – this year a year Mac product line only updated a product, and this product is also full of controversy. It seems that Apple has no longer attached to the development of Mac products, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman from the anonymous sources to get the argument, it seems to confirm this point. Not only Jony Ive’s design team did not put the Mac in the first place but also did not support hardware or software development within Apple, coupled with technical challenges and the departure of important team members, all factors make Mac series products are difficult.

new macbook pro

The most obvious example, perhaps from the new MacBook Pro battery. Apple engineers would like to use and 12-inch MacBook the same “ladder” battery, to ensure that the new notebook power. But at the last minute, the battery can not pass a key test, so Apple had to temporarily replace the old standard battery, which not only caused great confusion for the development, and Apple had to deploy engineers from other departments in order to push the product at the last moment Go out. And even so, the new MacBook Pro power is not as good as the opponent, nor does it meet its price is almost all the evaluation of the conclusion, Apple even launched a software update, all the remaining memory of the Mac notebook is estimated to be removed (Apple claims MacBook Pro’s power is in line with expectations, except for OS estimates). If the MacBook Pro is a very tight update time out of these problems no problem, but in fact, MacBook Pro has been developed for a long time, the ladder battery is not really fresh, unless the internal really do not attach importance to, or how Will this problem be done at the last minute?

new macbook pro

Speaking of macOS,

“Gurman’s report also pointed out that there is no longer a dedicated team to develop Mac software, and was integrated with the iOS team in a piece”

From iOS and macOS Recently, more and more closely linked to the point of view, this is actually a very reasonable decision, but also means that as the Golden Rooster mother iOS will take away a lot of resources, so macOS here is difficult to make a big change in innovation. In the design side, Jony Ive’s design team also became a very little visit to the Mac department, resulting in originally expected to add a USB-C port and Touch ID 12-inch MacBook, the last update in the last only more rose gold This color choice, and a little faster processor only.

new macbook pro

Of course, Apple insists that everything is normal, and at the same time

“according to CEO Tim Cook ) and “more good products on our roadmap, no one needs to worry about”

Coupled with some extent, Apple’s update time can really be said to be Intel CPU time to slow down to, or perhaps because of this, only the product of the situation. But Mark Gurman’s “anonymous news” to convey the Apple’s internal situation, it seems still not optimization.


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