How We Can Improve Our Website Local Search Traffic

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Written by Irfan

How Can We Improve Our Website Local Search Traffic with Google My Business?

Looking to give your local search traffic a significant boost? The answer could be as easy as signing up for Google My Business.

In A Nutshell

Google My Business ensures your business pops up in Search, Maps and Google+ – so your customers know exactly where you are and how to make contact with you. Sounds pretty good right? But wait, there’s more!

Google My Business provides you with live insights and updates and is also smart enough to make sure you’re searchable on all devices, with navigational maps working across tablets and smart phones as well as your desktop. Another massive plus!

How Will My Customers Benefit?

The addition of Google Maps can work like a navigation system, taking your customers from their doorstep to your very own. Customers can also see your hours of operation letting them know whether you are open or closed at the time of their search. It’s a cute little feature, which can be surprisingly handy for those in need of your services immediately.

The main feature customers will benefit from and enjoy, is the call to action options, allowing them to click straight to your website for further information, or call you directly.

Customers can also review your services on Google+ and share their experiences with others. The call to action and social elements mean Google My Business really adds to your existing website and online identity – without replacing it.

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There’s An APP For That

The best feature? The Google My Business App! This little beauty gives you access to your insights on the go. So if you’re curious as to how people find your business and why this is going to make your day – and save you time! Another time-saving tool is the bulk-upload option should you have multiple locations. This is great for chains and franchises.

The best news about all of these features is that they are available to be managed and updated all from the one location. Keep your information up-to-date and make live edits 24/7. Easy peasy!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Head to and click the “Get on Google” button at the top of the page. You will be prompted to submit information about your business with the service going live once you have verified your business.

Hungry For More Info?

A Google+ expert, Priya Chandra, has some really useful tips on her website. Check her out for information on how to embed a Google Map into your website, managing your reviews and plenty more:

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