How can I break the wall to get on the first page of Google?

content based on the keyword
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Google can easily review your information and provide to your users and audience, in fact, let’s say that Google uses the content of your website to help users.

Do not forget the primary SEO

Due to the use of the WordPress website, there is no problem in implementing the original SEO and we can use WordPress Plugin to easily Customize our content

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What are the best SEO Pugin for WordPress?

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it is suggested that you use the google webmaster tools and make sure that it is always relevant to your site information, you need at least three months to register your website for Google webmaster tool.
Because under three months, there is not much information on your website to be reviewed by the webmaster tool. Also, be sure to use a plugin for the sitemap because your pages which are placed as SML have a lot more change to be visited on Google.

content based on the keyword

Get to the first page of Google

The First Step you need to get to the fist page is to find the Keywords that are most engaging in your career and are most searched. you have to generate rich and optimized content based on the keyword. your content based on the keyword. your content should be useful, relevant and up-to-date,

You need to place your content in regular ways according to a specific program on the site so that Google runs your site according to the program, of course, be sure to prepare a site map.

After a few weeks of starting to work and writing content, you should use analytical tools such as Google analytics and see how the search is based on that, you can better plan for WordPress on the Google index page

Search tools

Using the Google Analytics Analyzer Console of other analytics tools you can do your own Searces.

content based on the keyword










Moving Ladder Rankings in the Search Engine

Now you know who are your Opponents and may take steps to get ahead of you at any moment. so you have to work hard and create quality content to win Competition and look for new and up-to-date Solutions.


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