How to get Google Adsense for your blog in 10 Days

Google Adsense
Written by Irfan

You all know that Google Adsense is the best choice for bloggers and content writer because it’s the best advertising Network over the internet and pay the highest cost per click than any other advertising network.

But getting Google Adsense approval is not a very easy task so here we are going to guide you how to get Google Adsense account fully approved in 10 days, Step by Step So follow the Steps and structure as we describe.

Step 1

Create a Blog with or Register a Domain and Host your website with a web hosting provider company and install WordPress.

with you can create your free Blog with Gmail account but with self Hosting account you need to pay some amount to a hosting company to host your website after that you can install WordPress on your hosted account with the custom domain name.

Step 2

Setup a custom domain name for your Blog. When you create a Blog in a free version Blog will be there in your domain name so you have to but a Custom Domain name from any Domain registrar company and setup a custom domain for your blog like .com .net .org .info .blog and much more Domain LTD’s. if you don’t know how to setup a custom domain for a blog see our Next Topic how to setup a custom domain name for a blog on Blogger.

Step 3

Niche for Blog for getting Google Adsense account within 10 Day’s you need to chose the best niche for your Blog we Suggest Education, Education is the best topic and best Niche for you Blog to get your Adsense account within 10 Day’s and definitely it will help you to get your Adsense account within 10 Day’s

Step 4

Post good Quality Content to you Blog and you need to post daily up to 4 Post for 7 day’s and the calculation will be 7*4=28 its means you have posted about 28 topics about 7 days into your blog  don’t copy & past others blog content to your blog

Step 5

Now after 7 Day’s when your blog has 28 Quality content Apply for Google Adsense we are going to show you how to apply for Google Adsense Account on Blogger Go to Blogger Dashboard and then Click on earning Next Step Click on Sign up for Google Adsense next you will have a welcome page from Google Adsense.

Click on sign in if you have Gmail account if you don’t have click on create account then follow the steps,

In next page, you have to give your website URL and select the Language which your Blog content is on that

Google Adsense

what we mean is that if your Blog is having English Content you have to Select English Click on save and continue.

On Your Information step, select your time zone, Account type, Payment name, Address and phone number.

Note: The Payment name and address should be the exact name and address you have on your Passport, National ID, or Driver License. Later google may send address approval mail to your address. Then name to be pay you earn money to your bank account.  

Now you are one of the Google AdSense publishers. Navigate to Adsense, My Ads and create an Ad unit for your website.

Google Adsense

When you create an ad unit, copy and paste the ad code to your website advertisement sections or create a sidebar ads widget. You can use Google AdSense plugin also if your website is a CMS like WordPress or Drupal etc.

This ad will display a blank ads space until your account will be approved. It is on your website for analyzing traffics. If your website has the appropriate and qualified traffic, google will approve your account, otherwise, you will receive a help email from AdSense support team.

Finally, you should work and analyze your AdSense account to get familiar with options and features. If you get expert pretty enough on google products, you can achieve the Certified Publishing Partner Program also. For more information subscribe to Google AdSense blog and read the post and policies.

This visual guide  By Tech Solution Tips will help you more about Google Adsense.



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