How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website in 10 Steps a step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website
Written by Irfan

Most of the Blogger are asking this question that How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website. Here is a complete step by step guide for beginners that How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website in 10 Steps.

If you write a great and quality content, but no one comes to read your blog post what you do in this situation? This is where we help you in this article that how to get real free targeted traffic to your website with some simple and easy steps.  What you need to do is just apply some technique to get real free targeted traffic to your website.

Keep in mind that blogging is not a short-term business and as well applying this technique will not instantly increase your website traffic, its time-consuming process.

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You may already do some of the steps which are listed below to get real free targeted traffic to your website, but if you do not apply this steps on your blog then it’s time to take some action and give a new life to your blog.

As I said before this is a time-consuming process it takes time but it’s definitely helping, according to some case study, you get results in 24 to 48 hours, but in my opinion, building real targeted traffic is taking time from one month to six months.

Writing a quality and genuine content help you to win half of the battle for the rest half you must do the step 2 to step 10 to get free real targeted traffic to your website.

So Stop Questioning How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website just follow the Steps

Step 1 – Write Original Content:

This is the brain of any blog when you search on the internet you will see many websites not done any SEO related thinks, but getting a higher rank on search engines. Because they write original and quality content.

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Original and quality content is getting a higher priority in search engine spiders and human eyes. Whenever you talk with a content writer they recommend to create an original content. Even if you are good at writing but it’s better than copying others content.

Search engines are really brilliant, they scan the whole intent for original content to index, if you copy someone else content they will penalize your blog or website.

I know providing original content is a really difficult task but it works well and will get indexed by search engines and will give you a real targeted traffic.

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What to do if you didn’t get original idea?

The answer is to check other bloggers post which is in your niche read their latest post and find what left by them or how you improve that topic better than they have written but one thing keep in mind never copy from their post.

If you describe their topic with extra knowledge give your own opinion on that topic this also count in the original post.

Note: like back to the blog if you have got ideas from their post

Step 2: Write constantly (Regular):

How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website

Most of the blogger mistakes are that they don’t write content consistently.

Think you are working on any company and got a wonderful job but you can’t work consistently then what will happen?

First, you will receive a warning and if again you don’t work consistently after warning you will be fired from your job.

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The same process will be applied to your blog, blogging also gives you a warning about your losing rank or subscribers, if you don’t get active back to your blog for sure your rank down and you lose readers and feed subscribers.

But if your content is published constantly they never miss your beloved readers

Step 3 -Post Contains 2000 to 2500 Words:

More word count means you have more knowledge about your topic which is discussed in your blog and it attracts readers to comment on your post

If your article word count is less than 600 words than readers thinks you don’t have knowledge about your topic and it effect relationship between you and your readers.

The main mistake of a new blogger is they what to show no the of the post to readers and for this purpose, their post contain only 300-500 words,

But if you want to get real targeted traffic and want your post is shared frequently by your readers than my advice is to create a post with at least 1500 words.

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Note: If you cannot write a topic more than 500 words then blogging is not for you.

For example read some ShoutMeLoud Post and find most popular and most commented post, you will realize post which is containing more words is most commented and most shareable.

What post will be shared more on social media?

Post which has more than 1800 to 3000 words are most shareable on social networking website.

How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website

As well word count attracts search engine spiders to have a clear idea about your blog post and your niche. This helps you to avoid any SEO penalty on Google Panda.

Step 4 – Make Headline Interesting:

Making article headline interesting grabbed users attention. They curious about your post content and want to find what you explain or teach. Below some examples of interesting title which are always working.

  1. How to (something) in (number) ways/steps
  2. (Number) ways to (do something)

Above example simplified in below

  1. How to write killer post in 10 easy ways/steps
  2. 10 ways to get genuine traffic

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This headline creates a buzz in reader’s mind and makes them curious about your content when they saw this type of titles they automatically think post provides information or step by step guide.

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In my opinion, if you write a post in two or three-hour than spend at least five to fifteen minutes for making an interesting title.

According to my research, every pro blogger creates a catchy and interesting title for attracting readers. But choosing right title is tricky.

If you tutorial article than “How to” is better than “5 ways”, so choose wisely because if your article is well research and your title is boring than attracting the new user to your article is very difficult task.

Step 5 – Share Your Articles on Social Networks:

How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website

Suppose you start a shop and you want to sell the great product in cheaper rates but your shop located in an outer area where people don’t know about your products and rates so in this situation what you do?

One easy solution is distributing handbill or put a banner on many areas. Promotion of your post is also work in the same way which explained above.

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Think you write a great content but no one reads it then it’s a huge loss of your time and money because “time is money “. Promotion of post done in many ways like you shares on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and many other social sharing networks.

For promoting your content first you created a page on Facebook and Google+ it’s helped you to create your brand. Facebook provides you a massive traffic where Google+ provides SEO backlinks for your post. Sharing on Twitter with a hashtag (#tag) is providing a great exposure to your post.

If your post related to data-driven research or technology than sharing on LinkedIn helps you.

If your post contains a lot of images then share on Pinterest.

Posting on a social website is really helpful but what happens when your user wants to share your post on their social profile.

Step 6 – Write Articles in Easier Language:

When a reader comes to your blog he/she wants your natural tone because it helps him/her to judge your ability and personality.

Many bloggers think if they write articles in difficult words or tone than this helps to get a wider audience.

One fact which is forgotten by the blogger is everyone in the world wants everything in simple and easier way.

This fact also applies in the blogging world.

When you write your articles one thing keeps in mind your blog post is able to read by a fifth standard child, but many times post need terms which are very complex it’s okay because every post has different characteristics and in my observation, this post is generally deep research on the topic.

Step 7 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

How to Get Real Free Targeted Traffic on my Website

SEO (search engine optimization) is the main key to drive a huge traffic to your blog.

If you do not apply any SEO techniques to your blog than in my opinion you live in 2000.

In SEO terms keywords are important, perfect keywords describe your post accurately and it also guesses which terms you readers will use for search.

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Don’t use heavily populated keywords because if it’s a heavily popular than thousands of bloggers already written on it and your articles are lost in the crowd.

Use keywords in 2-4 ratio means in 100 words you place your keywords in 3 to 6 times but if you keep in 2 or 3 then it’s a better option.

When you optimize your article for SEO, keep honesty in mind, because some blogger abuses SEO.

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For example, if you search on the Internet for “SEO” terms than you see how SEO expert has made it impossible to get genuine or reliable information about that topic.

1) Article heading:
This is the title of your post, this is the best place where you put your main keyword. keep article heading informative and creative. Check this case study where you learn only change article heading get you traffic.

2) Page URL:
Post URL is the place where your main keyword going because it’s read by the search engine. Don’t confuse an article heading and page URL.

The article heading mainly for the user where post URL for search engine spiders. Google or any other search engine first analyze your post URL after analyzing it they analyze the whole article.

If you place your main keyword in page URL then it’s easy to pick up by the search engine and they decide what user searching for. Below I give you one example.

  • “complete-step-by step-guide-to-install-octopress-in-windows 7”
  • “how-to-setup-octopress-on-windows7”
  • “how-to-setup-octopress-windows7”

You see in third post URL example I am not included “on” which is added in the earlier example because it does not add any SEO benefits in my post URL and it also makes my post URL is lengthy.

For better post URL don’t add “of”, “on”, “in” but you allow to add this word in the article heading.

If your post URL contain 3 or 4 words which are your main keywords of your post then it’s getting higher exposure in the search engine in comparison with another post which URL has 9-10 words or containing stop words.

3) Place Your Keywords Inside the Post Content:
At the time of writing place your keywords in articles often but as I said before keep 3-4 ratios. Always select long tail keywords because their competition is low and you easily get high-ranking in the search engine.

According to SEO Gurus, always put your main keyword in first 100 words.

4) Meta description:
The Meta description tells the search engine about post content. Always keep your meta description in 156 alphabets. This is a quick glance for readers who search topic on a search engine. For writing meta description give least 5 to 10 minute.

5) Alt Tag:
Search engines are reading only text and unable to saw images. So what you do in this situation? Adding alt tag in every image is a solution. Keep your alt tag relevant to post and change your image name.

Example: change “IMG_20141020_230024.jpg” to some informative name like “SEO-steps-blogger-blogspot.jpg”

Step 8 – Put Image and Videos in Your Post:

Images are adding life in your post because images tell thousands of words. It’s described your motto and give visual information about your post.

According to this case study blog post which has an image is most shareable on social networking sites as compared to a post which has only text information. Add image in your post in high quality.

Images resolution in between HD (1280×720) or Full HD (1980×1080) is acceptable because nowadays everyone has a smartphone with high-speed networks. Many websites provide quality images or stock photos for free.

Below link gives you high-resolution image free of cost without any license means you use it for your personal and professional use.

If you want to teach any tutorial to your readers than the video is the best medium to share your knowledge. In my opinion, if images tell thousands of words than videos tells a million words.

Never produce your video below 720p (1280×720) for the same reason which stated above paragraph.

For hosting video using YouTube, it’s helped you in SEO and saves huge money from your monthly hosting bill.

10 –Submit your site to search engines:

Another popular way of getting traffic is with a search engine submitter, where a site will send your link to many search engines at once for a price. The more search engines you want to be on, the higher the price. There are a few free programs you can use but they usually don’t submit to too many at once.

Submit your article to Google Search Engines 

Submit your Article to Bing and Yahoo Seach Engines 

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Tell us from above technique which technique you used in your blog post to get traffic? if you have any idea, don’t shy. Comment below with your ideas and suggestions.


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