How Parents Can Make Internet Safe for Kids

how to make internet safe for kids
Written by Carrara

The internet revolution has revamped our lifestyle and especially of our children and teenagers. Whether they are at schools or at home, learning or playing, there is internet technology accompanied with them. It seems they never take a break from the internet and do not want to. However, the internet carries potential risks along with the benefits. The uncontrolled internet access can expose kids to pornography, cyber predators, scammers, and cybercriminals. These can have an adverse impact on their physical, mental and psychological health. It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor the internet use of kids and take measures to protect them from the vulnerabilities. This article discusses how to make internet safe for kids safe place for their kids to learn and get entertained.

how to make internet safe for kids With Web Filters

The unsupervised internet access can prompt your kids to objectionable and age-inappropriate websites. Your teen may accidentally expose to porn stuff clicking on a malicious link or attachment. Around 34 percent of internet users get exposed to sexually explicit stuff through web ads or infected links. The best way to protect your kids from this internet menace is to block access to inappropriate websites. You can set up web filtering on your internet router to block objectionable websites on all computers and mobile phone devices connected to that router.

The other ways include the use of browser extensions for website filtering or parental control apps to control and monitor the internet use of your kids. A reliable parental control app providing the ultimate solution for web filtering is Net Nanny. You can use the app to manage internet access, limit the time your kids spend on the internet.

Rules Do Magic

Rules are the least favorite of teens and tweens but they can do the magical things happen. Compile a list of internet safety rules with the mutual consent of your family members. You can take help from the internet to see the internet safety rules suggested by the experts and can develop your own that best suit you and your family. For example, you can forbid your kids from talking to online strangers and meeting them in real. Make it compulsory to use social media privacies to set profiles private. Inform them that there are scammers and predators on the online platforms so avoid sharing personal information on the internet that can be misused by someone. If your kid receives a fleshy or threatening message from someone, make sure they immediately inform their parents before deleting or responding to those messages. You can also set rules for the internet and digital technologies’ use inside and outside the home. Like, you can forbid using the internet or going online after a specific time of the day. Also, you can prevent your kids from using a mobile app that is not appropriate for their age.

Keep Eyes on Kids’ Digital Behavior

The digital monitoring is crucial to protect kids from the threats of the cyber world. The social media sites have turned out to be the most attractive platform for the teens as well as the predators and scammers. The more your kid remains online, the more odds are of him encountering a bully or predator. Monitoring will help you ensure your kid is not contacting a scoundrel or being exploited by someone online.

Among the digital monitoring apps, TheOneSpy is reliable application software that lets parents monitor kids’ online and offline activities. It lets you monitor the social media and instant messaging apps being used by your kids on their mobile phones. You can read their chats and see their posts and friends list. Meanwhile, you can track the web surfing activities of your kids on the browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Install the app on your kids’ phone or computer and you would be able to monitor the digital behavior of your kids through the online app account accessible from any device.

The Bottom Line

Being a parent, you cannot afford to leave your kid unsupervised in the dangerous online world. Block access to inappropriate internet stuff, set internet safety rules to be followed strictly, and monitor the online and offline activities of kids with an aim to safeguard them from the meanness of the internet.

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