How to Start a Professional Blog, Here is All You Need To Know

How to Start a Professional Blog
Written by Irfan

How to Start a Professional Blog step by step guide for beginners, However, as a basic internet user, who would like to start your own blog, you might not be aware of making your own blog, especially in the case of self-hosted blogs, which give you the ultimate freedom to do ‘anything’. Here, you can get an effective guide for setting up your own blog for turning it to How to Start a Professional Blogbe a good source of income. As you can guess, we are going through the whole process to various parts so that you will have no room for doubt.

Luckily, in 2017, making a blog is easier than ever.

It used to require lots of coding skills: HTML, CSS, and PHP, but today starting a blog can be as simple as creating a document in Word. That is if you have simple instructions to follow.

The only guide you need to Know How to Start a Professional Blog

‘Can I use a blog to make money online?’

Yes. Some successful bloggers making huge amounts of money ($50k/mo. and above),

1. How to select a great domain name for your blog.

How to do this? Don’t worry we will help you to sort out this process and select a good Niche domain for your blog.

There are many tools that generate domains names for free use them to find your desired domain name

For example, if we are going to start a blog about health, now we need a health related domain name. will help you about domain name generating visit the website and type the keyword “Health Tips”

How to Start a Professional Blog

Search and select a good name for your blog.

Well if you are unable to find a good domain name from Lean Domain Search you can go for the second option to find an expire domain and register that.

A huge group of domains is expiring daily.

How to Start a Professional Blog

Now you have to register your domain names as the first step of building your blog.

1. Choose Hosting Plans

First, you have to go to and click on the section, Shared Hosting. There, you can see different plans for OvationHost Hosting Services, matching a variety of requirements.

As you might be an internet marketer, who would like to own more than one blog, we advise you to choose an unlimited plan of OvationHost hosting, giving you the ability to host multiple blogs without additional charges. Once you have selected the optimum plan, matching your intention, you can hit the button for ordering the mentioned service.

How to Start a Professional Blog

2. Domain Name

In the next page, on the top portion, you have to deal with a domain name. In case if you have already registered a domain name,

You have to select the option,  (I will use my existing domain and update my name servers)

And if not registered yet you can register your domain here by selecting the option (Register A New Domain)

How to Start a Professional Blog

Once you have correctly filled any of two fields you can lead to the next section, to give payment section.

Power Your Blog – With WordPress

Once you have successfully purchased your OvationHost hosting plan, accompanied by an eye-catchy domain name, you can start powering on your blog with the help of WordPress, world famous CMS and blogging platform, used by thousands of blogs and websites including giants. Now, let’s start our part of installing and setting up your blog in OvationHost hosting.

Read this article for complete installation process of WordPress 

Word before Start

For the simple usage, OvationHost services give you cPanel for managing your blog or website. When compared to other opponents, cPanel is 100% simple to use but effective. You need no programming skills or other technical skills for setting up WordPress via cPanel.

A. Log In to cPanel

Using the username and password came with an OvationHost hosting account, you have to login to the cPanel dashboard. Probably, you will see a window like following.

How to Start a Professional Blog

B. Installing WordPress

Even though there are various ways available for installing WordPress in your blog, Softaculous Apps Installer is the better choice available. You can find Softaculous Apps Installer in your cPanel dashboard. Just click on the WordPress and it will take you to a new page.

How to Start a Professional Blog

C. Fill in details

While proceeding with the installation, you will have to give details such as the domain, where you would like to install WordPress, admin credentials etc. Once you have given all appropriate details in various steps, you can hit ‘Finish Install’ button.

As you know, just installing WordPress on your blog does not mean that you have become a blogger. However, technically, you have a self-hosted blog currently.

So now you have your blog set up and ready.

when I talk about a “professional” blog, I’m talking about a well-maintained and well-branded blog. Your brand is the most important thing you have, and you need to nurture and sustain it over time.

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