How we can remove a PDF file Password ?

PDF file Password
Written by Irfan

How to remove PDF file Password which are  protected with a password so whenever you want to open that file you need to inter the password for that to read the content of PDF file. If you have stored your file on a secure place you don’t need to protect your file with password.

In this article we guide you how to open your PDF file which is protected with password, the easy and simple method which is possible on every operating system is that you can use any application for this process to remove the password of your PDF file.

First step you need to know the password for Adobe Acrobat Reader out of this you need to go for a complicated process to remove the password for your PDF file

How to print your PDF File

PDF file Password on google Chrome reader

This method may look a little funny, but you can remove the password easily you can make print your PDF file to another PDF file to remove the password protection from that file

Your computer will generate two copies from that file which the file will not be protected with password, you can use this method when you file is not print protected that you can print the file.

There are many steps to do this if you are using google chrome on windows platform you can do this step but opening the file on you browser and click the print button to do this

PDF file Password printing

If you are using Mac OS operating system then you have follow the steps bellow

First you need to preview the PDF file on every PDF reader application

Remove PDF file Password on Mac OS

After that you can click on file and print

PDF file Password

In the next windows you need to click on PDF button and go for the save as PDF option and give a new name and save the file





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