How to Download and Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device

Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device
Written by Irfan

In this article, we are going to show you How to Download and Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device “iPhone, Ipad”. Apple has released the new IOS Version for its iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The new operating system for this devices is iOS 11. Yet iOS 11 is not public and it’s Beta version for Developer and development purpose. In this guide, we are going to explain the way to download and Install the beta version of iOS 11 on your IOS iDevices.

Before getting started let us explain a little more about iOS 11 and its new features. iOS 11 helps iPad become a true laptop replacement for some with better multitasking, and it gives Custome Control Center a much-needed reorganization. There are new camera modes, Siri is smarter and iOS 11 (finally) thrusts Apple into augmented reality.

Here are all of the iOS 11 Beta 1 features announced at Apple WWDC 2017.

  • iOS 11 is turning iPad into a laptop
  • iOS 11 features hint at iPhone 8 AR
  • iOS 11 puts Apple Pencil to the test
  • New iPad keyboard shortcuts
  • Apple Files opens up your many clouds
  • iMessage’s won’t take up your storage anymore
  • Apple Pay payments to friends
  • Welcome to the new App Store
  • Siri is smarter and sounds different
  • iOS 11 revamps Control Center
  • Lockscreen and Notification Center are now one
  • New camera modes and photo storage

What’s new in iOS 11 beta 5? Hands-on with 20+ features and changes

iOS 11 beta 5 has been released to developers, and as expected, it contains quite a few changes and tweaks. A new FaceTime dial out tone makes an appearance for the first time, along with an updated iPad multitasking splash screen, and a needed security enhancement for trusting connected computers. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for a brief look at each change.

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Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device

Some of the Best New Features on iOS 11 Beta 5

  • Minor changes to Settings and Camera app icon to increase contrast
  • Horizontal lines removed from Camera icon
  • Smaller icons in Weather app
  • 3D Touching a Control Center icon that lacks an action simulates a tap
  • New play/pause button in Control Center music controls
  • New source icon in Control Center navigates straight to AirPlay options
  • Now Playing Lock screen widget shows output, album, and artist
  • Screen Recording status bar is red instead of blue
  • Accessing Cover Sheet no longer scrolls up content you were browsing
  • Spotlight Search stays on screen when scrolling through widgets
  • New iPad multitasking splash screen
  • New slide animation when accessing multitasking on iPad
  • iMessage’s in iCloud removed temporarily
  • Smart Invert no longer inverts Dock on home screen
  • New Portrait mode splash page in Camera app (out of beta)
  • Camera level for downward facing shots (when grid enabled)
  • New FaceTime ring when making a call
  • Updated SOS settings page
  • Apps using location no longer appear in blue banner of shame in status bar
  • Trusting computer now requires authentication

Have you come across any other notable items in iOS 11 beta 5? Drop us a line in the comments below with the details of your findings. If you missed our previous coverage of iOS 11 beta 4, iOS 11 beta 3, iOS 11 beta 2 and the initial iOS 11 beta release, be sure to have a look at those as well.

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How to Download and Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device

Step 1: On your iOS device, head over to this link. Make sure to open it in Safari itself and not in any other browser or app.

Step 2: You will be automatically redirected to ‘iOS Beta Software Profile’  from where you will have to tap on Install three times and select the reboot option.

Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your DeviceStep 3: Once your iPhone or iPad has rebooted, head over to Settings -> General -> Software Update and the iOS 11 developer beta OTA should be available as a download on your device. If the update does not show up, wait for a few minutes and try again. If that still does not work, make sure to restart your iPhone or iPad again.

Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device

After the OTA is downloaded, install it like you would install any other iOS update.

Now you are done and enjoy IOS 11 New features and functions.Install Correctly iOS 11 Beta 5 On Your Device

Remember that the first iOS 11 developer beta will be filled with bugs and have stability issues. However, if you continue to stick to it, you will automatically receive future iOS beta releases from Apple as well.

If you do end up installing iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad, do drop a comment and let us know whether you are liking the new features in the OS or not.

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