Learn How To Restore iPhone Without Passcode

Restore iPhone Without Passcode
Written by Irfan

Once your iPhone is locked or your password is forgotten, Don’t worry here you can Restore iPhone Without Passcode and solve the problem with the help of iTunes, and you can find it by reinstalling the iPhone Software.

Unfortunately, when using iTunes, all the data on your phone is cleared and the phone returns to the factory settings. Once you’ve restarted your phone, call your back up to back up the files you’ve backed up, and download and install software that has been installed on your phone and has now been erased.

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Restore iPhone Without Passcode with iTunes

When the restoration process is in progress, your password is cleared, so if you want to create a postcode again for the phone, you can go to the Settings app after going to the General Page and go to the General page. Assist the Passcode option to set up a strong and memorable backdrop for your phone.

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer Download it here

Restore iPhone Without Passcode

But to make the phone redundant, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Connect your phone to a laptop with a USB cable.
Step 2: Click on iPhone and select Restore iPhone …
Step 3: By doing so, you can click Restore to look for your iTunes latest software updates. Click Continue after this (most of the money items you purchased are not transferable with the restoration tool. In this case, click Continue)
Step 4: Click Next on the Agree and then Agree. Wait a while for updates that are available and compatible with your system, and the restoration operation is well done.

Step 5: After the update, slide the Slide to Set Up slider from left to right to adjust your iPhone.
It’s better to get started, then set up the new code for the phone and try not to change it repeatedly so you do not forget it.
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