How to Make Money With 8 High Paying Niches for AdSense

Make Money at Home With Google AdSense
Written by Irfan

Google AdSense is the best preference for generating online earnings. But why all websites or blogs, not getting a massive amount of money from Google AdSense? Due to the fact advertiser will pay cash to publisher rely upon their website or blog Niche. In this article, we talk about how to make money at Home with Google AdSense and selecting the best Niche to make a huge amount of money at Home with Google AdSense. Basically, niche means that topic on which you blogging. The high paying niche in AdSense is those which widely search and deal with daily human problems. Most of Newbie’s start a website or blog; subsequently they quit and close down their blog. Do not give up, because in Google AdSense already having big guns. To complete them you need to do hard work and having patience. Hard workings make the dream come true. We have shortlisted 10 high paying niches for Google AdSense. By Selected the below-shortlisted Niches for your next blog you can make a good amount of money setting at Home with Google AdSense.

List of High paying Niches to make money at home with Google AdSense:-

  1. Technology 
  2. Web Hosting 
  3. Health and Fitness 
  4. Intertainment 
  5. Search Engine Optimization “SEO”
  6. Blogging 
  7. Make Money 
  8. Gadget Reviews 

1. Technology: –

This is one of the high-quality areas of interest to get a huge amount of cash. Now a day’s technology is improving its level day by day and every second day a new technology appears in the market with promising features and application. This niche is not only profitable in terms of paying rate however it also offers a wide range of online searches every day.

Every day a very wide range of people search on the internet about some mature & helpful tips on the relationship as well as their lots of aspects. Hence this niche can improve your paying rate in the Google AdSense. The Internet is the best source to find news on this topic and that’s why this niche holds a wide number of searches every single day around the world.

Due to the fact advertiser is willing to pay around $20-$216, per click. Why advertiser will pay that amount for single click due to the fact your website is pretty niche and you’ve got a big traffic. That’s why they equipped to pay that huge amount.

High CPC ‘Tech’ Keywords

  1. Information technology colleges in California (216.81$ per click)
  2. Free tech support software (197.79$ per click)
  3. Wireless technology in business (191.55$ per click)
  4. Web based tech support (188.30$ per click)
  5. Private cloud technology (155.88$ per click)
  6. Virtual call center technology (153.28 per click)
  7. Best information technology degrees (145.31 per click)
  8. MS in educational technology (128.89$ per click)
  9. Information technology schools in Florida (130.66$ per click)
  10. Master’s in education technology online (126.89$ per click)

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2. Web hosting: –

This is also one of the best niches .if you give academic on it from basics you may be achieved. Because of newbie’s, do not know, how to do web hosting for their website. There is a chance to click visitors, advertisements on your website.Due to the fact they’re seeking out web hosting. You’ll get around $30+ in keeping with a click on.

3. Health and fitness: –

That is the evergreen niche for getting massive earnings from Google AdSense. Everyone wants to take care of their health very much. So if you get their interest, you will get excellent income. You could select hair care, healthy food, slim; getting weight, a way to appear suitable etc.  Based on your website traffic and quality of your content, and you will get approximately $50 per click. We recommended do not give fake information approximately health. First, you need to get your visitors faith. You could refer books or medical doctors.

High CPC ‘Health & Fitness’ Keywords

These are most expensive and most profitable AdSense CPC keywords niche.

  1. Health information, with a CPC rate $8.34
  2. Health education, CPC cost $8.36
  3. Public health, cost per click $10.14
  4. International public health, average CPC rate $5.71
  5. Global health, cost per click $5.83
  6. Health International CPC $6.71

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4. Entertainment: –

This is defiantly giving you massive profits and you will be opulent. Entertainment website has to get massive visitors daily. Due to the fact maximum of them are the uses of the net for entertainment. So in case, you provide all wood news e.g. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and so on. If you write authentic statistics about celebrities you’ll be more successful.

5. SEO:-

Every website must obey the policies and regulations of search engine optimization. In case you observe search engine optimization tactic, you are website getting search engines reorganization.So in case you write about SEO, you may get excellent site visitors. Advertiser will pay for site visitors.

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6. Blogging: –

This niche is commonly making tutorials for Blogging; WordPress.To begins with every amateur begin their website from blogging or WordPress. So in case, you write about blogging. There’s a chance to getting to How to Make Money at Home With Google AdSense Easilyod traffic. When you have static traffic, you may get exact earnings from Google AdSense.

7. Make Money: –

This is the most searching keyword in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Because everyone likes college students, housewife, others, whoever want to make Money at Home with Google. So if you select his Niche, be sure you will get massive traffic routinely, and you can make money at home with Google AdSense.

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8. Gadget Reviews:-

This also outstanding area of interest. Earlier than shopping for devices, people used to go looking reviews on their choice mobile .so in case you write opinions on new gadgets, definitely, you will get precise earnings.


  1. Do not click your own ads or force others to click advertisements on your website
  2. Do not copy quality content from other websites.Refer them only, write in your own words.
  3. Be patient to get opulent income. It will take time to grab visitor’s faith. If you get their faith they will see your website.
  4. Do not expect instant results.

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