How to make Money Online with Facebook Instant Articles

Make Money online with Facebook
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Hello dear visitor today we are going to talk about something very interesting and this is about Facebook instant articles and we will guide you here How to make money online with Facebook instant articles.

A few times back Facebook has introduced a new option of instant articles for all publisher to Make Money Online with Facebook same as Google AdSense.

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

The Facebook Instant Article is a feature by Facebook that solves the problem of slow loading of articles. An Instant Article is an HTML5 document optimized for fast mobile performance, rich storytelling capabilities, branded design, and a customized visual display. Once you have enabled Instant Articles on your website/blog, whenever your articles are shared on Facebook, users surfing on the mobile app will be able to see the Instant Article icon. The icon represents that the article is an Instant Article & it will open within seconds.

The Instant Articles icon looks like this:

How to Make money with Facebook ads

I’m sure many of you have already experienced Facebook instant Articles when using facebook on your smartphone.

There are many Benefits of using facebook instant articles. and these benefits are especially since instant articles are not too old and there are a great improvement and innovation in the coming days. Instant Articles are very good for countries like Brazil, India, Philippines and many other countries where low connectivity is an issue. what we mean is having slow internet browsing.

Facebook instant article to make money online

We will guide you how to integrate Facebook instant articles with your blog and make money online. For this you need to have a website on any platform like WordPress etc. this guide is on a WordPress platform. So let’s start the step by Step Guide how to integrate Facebook instant article for your WordPress website to make money online with Facebook instant Articles. This process will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes and we are sure that lots of traffic will come to your website from Facebook after integrating Facebook instant articles, and your website will get rank batter on google in next period of times.

  1. You need to visit your website dashboard login page like (,  Type your Username and Password and click login

Make Money Online with Facebook

1.  In this step you need to install Facebook Instant articles Plugin to your website for this you need to navigate to Plugin menu from left side of your website and add new Plugin Search for Instant Articles for WP, Make sure to install the exact plugin because there are many other plugins developed on this peruse you may Download the plugin from this link

Make Money online with Facebook

After Installation of Plugin Just activate the Plugin

What to know about Facebook Instant Articles for WP

This Plugin is for facebook instant articles, which is a new way for publishers to distribute fast,

And interactive stories on facebook. it’s preloaded on the facebook mobile app so they load Instantly.

2.  Next Step you just need to configure the Plugin just providing your APP ID and APP Secret Code for this step we need to login to our facebook profile and visit the Facebook Developer URL to Create a new APP

Make Money online with Facebook

Click on Create App ID 

you will be navigated to another page you will see a menu panel on the left side just click on Dashboard now you need to copy the and APP ID and App Secret and Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WP, To connect your App with your website.

Make Money online with Facebook

You can’t see the APP Secret Code you need to click on Show and copy that Code

Here you need to connect your website to this app you have to create Click on Chose platform you see the option on the Illustration above.

Make Money online with Facebook

Select the web and give URL of your Website Skip the Quick Instruction by Facebook if you need you can read for more information for this guide it’s enough you can Skip because we will explain every step

Back to Your WordPress Dashboard and click on Facebook Instant Articles for WP

Make Money online with Facebook

 Click Login

in the next step, you have to log-in with your facebook profile to connect the app you created to connect with Facebook Instant Articles for WP

Earn Money With Facebook

you will see an error ignore that and complete the process to log-in with facebook.

after that, the Facebook Instant Articles for WP will Ask you to select your Page  from your create page list If you don’t have any page don’t worry you can create New Page easy with Facebook Community

Click to create New Facebook Page 

Make Money online with Facebook

We have Selected Page and Domain for this Guide

Click on Select, Now you are done your website is connected and ready to Configure Facebook instant Articles

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