How to Master Content Marketing in 7 Easy Steps for 2017

Master Content Marketing 2017
Written by Irfan

Easy steps to Master Content Marketing easy steps for 2 017. Content marketing: a type of marketing that involves creation n sharing of online stuff such as videos and blogs.

1- Find a Niche within a Niche

Master it and be the go-to Person in it. Differentiate yourself from the rest and don’t just be like everyone else. Create your own Audience

Master Content Marketing Find your best Niche

Finding out a specific part of the industry and focussing on that. The best way to do so is to create your own material on you own Niche.

If u wants to make popular your Niche you should use breakout terms of google trends.

If you are new to Content marketing you must think that what a Niche is a niche is a term that is used in ecological biology to define an organism’s role in an ecosystem. Not only does a niche include the environment a given organism lives in, it also includes the organism’s “job” in that environment. A niche may also encompass what the organism eats, how it interacts with other living things or biotic factors, and also how it interacts with the nonliving, or abiotic, parts of the environment as well.

2 – Focus on one Content Style

Master Content Marketing Content Syle

Not only you need to focus and specify your niche but also your content style such as video, audio or text etc. Pick one and focus on that, don’t try to add more until one is widely successful and can be automated

By having specific content style u can easily gain an audience and earn.

3 – What is the Best Platform

Master Content Marketing with best platform

There are different platforms for each content style:

Itunes, Blog, Amazon, etc. where are your home base for focusing on that one type of content?

Text – WordPress blogs, medium, Guest Posting.

Audio – radio, iTunes podcasts.

Video – one of the best platforms for video content style is YouTube, DailyMotion & Video Blog.

4 – Consistency

Master Content Marketing

Set an appointment with your audience on a daily basis. Publish content at the same time every day,  so readers look forward to it and expect it

You need to be consistent to gain what you aim. You should set a specific time and date so that your audience cam looks forward.

5 – Focus on Gaining Subscribers

Master Content Marketing Newslatter

Keep your audience coming back by collecting their Email Address.  You should work to create strategies that can bring u more traffic. Send them offers by collecting their emails.

6 – Focus on Extending Reach

Master Content Marketing Extending

You should start extending your business as you are done with your first niche perfectly because the more u extend the more you’ll earn an audience. After mastering one form on content or one every specific Niche in your industry, start looking at expanding into other areas your feel your Business could leverage its success in.

7 – Ask your Audience what they want ?

Master Content Marketing ask your audience

Your audience is the main factor that can lead you towards your aim in any aspect of your Business. For that purpose, you need to create and build what your audience really want and need from you. You can easily perceive their wants and needs by surveys like calls, Social Media etc.  Don’t build products and then try to get an audience to buy it.

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