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As you know that there many companies who are paying you money for different online works. Such as freelancing, reviewing sites, click to earn and much more, including eBay, BuSellAds, Amazon etc. the problem is here that most of this site are paying through PayPal  Account which is not available in regions Including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan.

However, it’s very necessary to use PayPal Account in this countries to work online over the internet because without PayPal, you cannot earn money online there for we have created a simple Guide which can show you the real method of using PayPal in this regions and also how to get your PayPal money in this regions let get started.


To be able to withdraw PayPal money in this regions, it is obviously necessary to get a verified PayPal account first. For this you need to follow simple given steps below:

Sign Up For Payoneer Account

It is a famous money transfer service which provides its services worldwide. To get your PayPal account verified you should have a Payoneer account. This US payment service is approved by First Century Bank. So in order to be able to verify your Paypal account, you must have a Payoneer account, which can solve the Paypal problem for you.

Visit Payoneer Affiliates and signup for a free account. After signing up you will have to provide any prove of your identity, be it your ID card’s or Driving license’s scan. Once your identity is verified, a Master Debit card will be issued to you, which will be shipped to your address in about 20-40 days.

When your Master Card is approved, Payoneer will send you an e-mail asking you if you are interested in US payment service? You will have to sign up for this as well by answering some simple questions through mail. After you reply this e-mail your details will be reviewed and you will be accepted in US Payment Service within few days.

Once your signup is complete you will get a virtual US bank account number and a routing number via e-mail.
Generate on US Resident Details.

Open and signup for an account using the United States as your country. Fill in the US based details you have already generated. Once this is done, now verify your PayPal account.

First, click the link ‘Get verified’. Now you will be seeing two options, click on ‘Bank’ and fill in the details which Payoneer has sent you via e-mail. Within next few days, Paypal will send a small test amount to your Payoneer account, all you need to do is transfer this amount back to your PayPal account and you are done. Now you are a proud owner of verified PayPal account.


To withdraw PayPal money all you need to do is transfer your PayPal funds to your Payoneer account and withdraw it from any ATM at MCB, Citi Bank and Standard Chartered Bank with your Master Card. Payoneer also supports Global Bank Transfers that is money can also be transferred directly to your Local bank account. For further details visit Payoneer website.

This process of withdrawing PayPal money can be used in any other region where direct PayPal facilities are not available.

Another Option is this that you can ask your friend or family that living outside to make a PayPal Account this step is the most simple and easy step they just need to open a bank account and apply for the PayPal once the process completed they can give PayPal access to you and you can use the account without having any problem

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