Getting Acquainted with Tools of Photoshop for Web Designing

Photoshop for Web Designing
Written by Irfan

Hello friend in this section you will get Acquainted with the tools of Photoshop for Web Designing we will work with type tools, layer styles, gradients, Pain tool and many more also we will have a fun projects with Photoshop to design a complete website look so lots of stuff are here to learn after completing this you will have a complete knowledge of the tools of Photoshop that we are going to use for web designing.

Rectangle tool in Photoshop for Web Designing

The Rectangle Tool creates rectangular shapes and paths.

Photoshop for Web Designing

For using Rectangle tools first you need to create a workspace or new document that you can work on that you can do this action by keyboard shortcut and as well from navigation of Photoshop

From properties dialog box you can change the fill color and other stuff for Rectangle tools

Photoshop for Web Designing

Keyboard Shortcut: –  CTRL+N in windows to open a new Dialogue Box for creating a new workspace give the name height and width  for your project to work on that with Rectangle tool and click ok or Press Enter on your Keyboard

Photoshop for Web Designing

Photoshop Navigation for creating new workspace move your mouse to the top left Corner and click on the file from the file menu you need to select New you will see the same Dialogue box when typing the keyboard shortcut give a name width and height press Enter

Photoshop for Web Designing

Inside Rectangle tool we have some other tools as well like, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon tool, line tool & Custom shape tool

With every single tool, ou can create different Ships and every single tool is having its own property dialog box that you can customize your Shape.

Keep in mind that Photoshop is the father of Graphic Designing

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