How to Reset Pattern lock on Android Device if forgotten

Written by Irfan

What to do when you’ve forgotten your unlock pattern or password on your Android device’

How to reset Pattern Lock If you forgot the password or pattern on your Android device, or a child or relative was playing with it and entered the wrong password, pin code, or pattern enough times that it’s now locked, this guide will help you. Whatever the reason, we will cover exactly what to do to unlock your Android phone.

If you have a Samsung device, there is an option to unlock your screen remotely via Samsung’s free, Find My Mobile service.

Unlock Android pattern with find my Mobile

You’ll need to have an account created beforehand of course, but don’t worry, we’ll go through the entire process below. If you have something other than a Samsung device, your manufacturer may have a similar service in place, you’ll have to check their website. If however, you’re running an older version of Android, like Kitkat or lower, you may be able to unlock your screen with your Google Account. For those of you running anything above Android 5.0, the only option beyond a custom recovery solution (setup prior to being locked out) or paid third-party software, is performing a hard or factory reset. Please remember that if you do perform a factory reset, you will need access to the original Google account you used with the device.

if you are connected to wifi or Mobile Data internet in this case you can unlock your phone with google account.

but in the case you don’t know your google account or you have forgotten the email or password then you have to go for the hard reset option on Samsung mobile you have to press the power button ==> Home ==> Volume Down at the same time

Reset pattern lock on Android

After you press the buttons in the previous step, an option will appear. Select “System Recovery” by pressing volume up.

Android System Recovery will be shown

– Using the volume rocker, select “wipe/factory data reset”(in my case, the 3rd option shown)

How to reset Pattern Lock

– Select it by tapping on the left soft key (the key used for menu/options or menu in some phones)

– Confirm it by selecting yes

– Wait for it to finish

– After that, press home button to go back and select “reboot device” (1st option shown).

– This might take longer than usual because your device is configuring.

– After that, you’ll see your home screen and you’re done. Just like when you bought it.




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