How to Reset Windows 7 Password Without Using Any Software

How to Reset windows 7 Password
Written by Irfan

How to Reset Windows 7 password without installing any software and just using Windows DVD!
Hello to all friends. Hope you are good and well wherever you are. It has happened to you that the Windows password is gone and you have to reinstall Windows.
But you knew it would be very easy and just having the Windows Installer DVD to replace the old password with a new password?

Reset Windows 7 Password Without Using Any Software, do the following:

First: insert a Windows DVD and boot the computer
Step 1: To boot from a CD or DVD, after turning on the computer, repeatedly press F12 to display a menu. Now select the CD-ROM (or an option like this)

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Step 2: The reason for booting from a CD or DVD is that if you select the next steps from the Windows, then the system file system (which I’m going to continue to use) is still in use and the problem persists.

2. Wait for the device to boot from the DVD, then select the option “repair” (the bottom part is written down)

3. Wait for a little and select the option use recovery …

4. Select cmd from the options

5. Type regedit to open the registry

6. Select HKey_Local_Machine from the left pane

7. Select the Load Hive option from the File menu

8. Select the following:


9. Give it an optional name, such as a shotgunner

10. Double-click to open it then select setup

11. In the window to the right, change the following parameters by double-clicking on them:
setupType >>> modify >>> 2
cmdLine >>> modify >>> cmd.exe

12. From the File menu, select the exit option

13. In cmd, type regedit again

14. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE again from the left pane

15. Select the Unload Hive file from the file and accept the next message (yes)

16. Now select File from the exit option

17. Reboot the system and boot from the hard disk (Windows) once. This time, at the start of Windows, you will encounter a cmd window and type in it:

net user NewUser NewPassword

Where your NewUser is the name of your user, NewPassword is your new password if you want to be your password.

Congratulations You changed your password simply now you can log in to your windows with your new user account.

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