Tips to Know About Delivery Option: What Customer Want from You

Tips to Know About Delivery Option_ What Customer Want From You
Written by Carrara

If you have a ecommerce website where you do business then you must be aware of the fact that most of the customer gets attracted or distracted from your website depending up the delivery options as well as facilities that you provide through your website to all your buyers. There are various facilities that customer seek for when it comes to delivery and they also look for various delivery options so below down are some of the most desired delivery options as well as facilities that almost every customer seeks for and looks in every website that they visit and you as a website holder can get all of these changes done to your website by Hire Magento Developer.

Estimated delivery date:

When someone places an order they eagerly wait for the product or parcel to arrive at their doorstep. If you would confirm the date of getting the parcel to your customer or if you even could tell them the closest estimated date of getting the delivery done so the excitement won’t ever be low and they would be excited throughout the process and trust me if this happens then your customer would definitely come back and would shop again from your website.

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Let your customers know about each and every step that happens after they place order and in between the delivery and the order the customer seems to be worried as well as excited both. Do not kill the excitement of your customers but don’t let them be worried as well throughout the process. You just need to keep your buyers notified and in order to do so you need to send then endless notifications so that they don’t feel let ignored.

Delivery options:

Well delivery options simply mean payment options and here different customers need different mode of payment that they want to make for their desired product. Some of the best options that you can include here are cash on delivery, wallet pay, paytm, bank transfer and many more are there in the list. You also need to make sure that the shipping charges of the delivery are standard and are not too much and the whole process should go on smoothly without any such inconvenience.

Sms updates:

Let your customer know where the parcel is in very specific interval so that they could be sure about their parcel also let them know about the time of the delivery so that your customer stays available for receiving the parcel without any such problems.

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Ask for feedback:

It is the best way to know what your customer wants from your and in this way only you would be able to know whether the product reached to them safely or not or are your customers happy with the product or not. This seems to be a nice gesture that every customer wants from any seller and this makes the bonding of you as well as your customer even stronger.

These are few facilities as well as options regarding delivery that you can offer to your customers in order to make their shopping experience much better and Magento Developers Atlanta can prove to be best for you get these changes done in your website.

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