Top 3 Windows Password Recovery Software Reviews

Hello everyone, how’s everyone doing? Today, we are going to review top 3 Windows Password Recovery Software of 2017 and will discuss their pros and cons after testing and seeing the efficiency of each program. Windows password recovery tools are generally used to reset Windows login passwords in case anyone forgot it. Different tools have different mechanisms to works with, some Windows password reset tools to recover your lost password such as Ophcrack and other Windows recovery programs simple remove the login screen from your computers such as UUkeys Windows Password Mate & Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.

But in general, they all help to recover Windows password but certainly few are fairly advanced programs and others are just free tools with the lower potential to crack computer password. In this short article, we will list down the best Windows password recovery software and review them according to their effectiveness.

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Windows Password Recovery Software #1: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is a fast and reliable Windows password recovery tool. However, it is totally text-based software which extremely complex to use. A certain level of computer talent is required to operate this program.


  • Fast Windows password cracking program.
  • Completely free and open source software.
  • Works with latest Windows 8 and Windows 10 but only with local passwords.
  • Liter in size.


  • Extremely complicated program to use.
  • Cannot crack Microsoft, root or domain account passwords.
  • A text-based program needs computer-programming skills to operate it.

Basically, you will need to download the ISO image file on a working Windows computer and burn the ISO image on a CD/DVD. Next, insert this password reset disk to the locked PC and boot from it.

Continue with the setup instructions and choose the hard drive where you installed the Windows operating system.

Windows Password Recovery Software

Next, you will have the option to reset the password or completely remove it. We will recommend to completely remove it from your computer and later set up a password when the computer starts up normally.

Windows Password Recovery Software

#3: iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro is a popular Windows password cracking tool that has already helped millions of satisfied users to reset their computer password in devastating times. It is certainly one of the most power password reset tool available on the internet. Basically, it allows you to make a bootable password reset disk from any Windows computer and then use it further to unlock your protected Windows PC. It not only resets the password but it actually removes the login screen from the computer so that you can enter into your PC without inputting any password at all.


  • Bypass any Windows computer password – Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/NT/2000 and even older Windows servers.
  • Create a password reset disk with a flash drive or CD/DVD.
  • Supported in every hard drive including SATA, SSD, HDD, IDE, etc.
  • Reset every user profile password like Microsoft, local, administrator, root, and domain accounts.
  • Compatible with over 1500+ Windows laptop and computer models like Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.
  • Fast and reliable tool.
  • Easy to operate for both novice and advanced computer users.


  • It is free to try but needs to pay a small fee to unlock your computer. However, you are protected with a 30-day money back guarantee if it fails to reset your computer password. But we are pretty sure that won’t be necessary because it has over a million satisfied customers already.

How to use iSeepassword – Windows Password Recovery Software?

Well, it is a pretty simple program to use and requires no special skills. Simply, follow the instructions below and reset your Windows computer password

Step 1. Install the Windows password recovery tool on any working and accessible computer or laptop. Open the program and insert a flash drive or CD/DVD.

Windows Password Recovery Software

Step 2. Click on “Burn USB” to burn the ISO image file on the flash drive to make the bootable password reset disk. On the other hand, if you are using a CD/DVD then click on “Burn CD/DVD”.

Tip: Backup all data from your device because Windows password reset tool will remove everything from your flash drive or CD/DVD.

Step 3. Reboot your password-protected computer and wait for the program to appear on the screen. Now, input the Windows version that you are using and the user account name that is currently protected.

Windows Password Recovery Software

Finally, hit the “Reset Password” button and reboot your PC to access your computer without entering any password at all.

Windows Password Recovery Software #3: Ophcrack

Ophcrack is yet another password recovery program that helps to recover the forgotten password. Remember, it actually recovers the existing password and doesn’t really remove it like iSeePassword or Offline NT password. It can only crack simple passwords under 8 characters. If you are using a secure and strong password then surely, it won’t work at all.


  • Freely available and open-source software.
  • Passwords under 8 characters are flawlessly recovered.
  • No need to install the program.
  • Works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8


  • Strong and tough passwords can never be recovered.
  • Doesn’t work with Windows 10.
  • Outdated program.
  • Most anti-viruses found Trojan in this program.

To use Ophcrack, first, you will need to download the ISO image file from the official website and burn it on a CD/DVD. Then, insert the bootable CD/DVD on your main computer and wait for the program to load on the startup screen.

Choose “Ophcrack Graphic modeautomatic” and hit enter to continue.

Windows Password Recovery Software

Ophcrack will start brute-force attack to recover your computer password. If it finds the password successfully then it will appear on the main interface of the program. You can write it down and use the password to access your PC. However, if it fails then the program will be aborted automatically.

Windows Password Recovery Software


We always keep an open mind when reviewing software. Of course, the above tool has their own merits and demerits and their significance depends on your condition. Offline NT Password and Registry Editor and Ophcrack are indeed free but they have huge limitations and on top of all they have no online support to help you if you are stuck. On the other hand, iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro is a paid program but huge potential to bypass Windows password. In addition, they have a nice friendly support team to assist you with any query and they also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. It is trusted by countless people and they are featured on most popular blogs and websites.


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