Top 20 Ways to Make Money Using WordPress

make money using WordPress
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If you are one of WordPress users and want to learn how to make money using WordPress, we encourage you to read the contents of today. According to studies and research, this is a complete result of the businesses that can be launched using WordPress. And we are sure that this can be certainly useful for you as well.

Make Money Using WordPress

Did you think of that why we are asking you to start your Business using WordPress?

Because WordPress is an incredible system and can be used as a revenue-generating website. Here are some things we will consider:


  • WordPress competes very well because 28 percent of the websites are based on WordPress. And among the store building systems, 59 percent of the sites have been allocated. So it’s possible to make money using WordPress.
  • Approximately 75 million websites have been built using WordPress. How many websites do you think built with dedicated systems?
  • If you are new to WordPress, you do not need any programming information. Because its levels are completely intuitive, you can add the required features with the help of add-ons and add to each management section.
  • There’s no need for a specific WordPress monetization approach you can make money an any Niche website that you are an expert.


  • Earning depends on the potential and direction of your move. So earning money using WordPress is still profitable for WordPress users like blogging and content marketing.
  • Many businesses using WordPress require more time and investment.
  • If you want to get a good return on your business, you should be committed and time-consuming, like other businesses.

20 Ways to Make Money Using WordPress

  • For sure you think with yourself that on which ways I can start a Business to Make Money using WordPress
  • By developing programs, writing, teaching, marketing and much more …
  • We Have Selected Different ways you just need to pay attention to them.

Make Money Online Using wordpress

1- WordPress Website Development

Many people are skilled in this field of programming and development, and they can make good money with it. This is one of the best ways to make money using WordPress.

2- Website Design on WordPress

Maybe you are among those who have interesting ideas for designing that is user-friendly. Today, many people with Photoshop software and other Designing Software offer the desired design, and the programmer is coding the layout based on it.3. WordPress Marketing Expert If you have the skill of attracting users and advertising, you can work in the field of marketing. You can easily create worksheets and writings in your business area for marketing purposes and Make Money by using WordPress.

4- WordPress SEO Expert

If all of the above is attractive to you, but for what you want is not enough, then why do not you decide to launch your own business website?If you are capable of entrepreneurship and management of a team, you are encouraged to start a unique business using WordPress.

6. Provide WordPress consulting services

If you have good information in the WordPress, then you can be a good adviser. And having information about how a template really needs to be launched or about extensions and all WordPress issues.

7- Plugin Development

Developers enjoy coding and software development. If you have the ability to build and extend extensions, we suggest that you select it. Build extensions that appeal to users and come to their work. You can also Make Money by using WordPress.

8- Designing a template

Do you enjoy website design? But do not you bother getting involved with coding and this has hindered your progress? We suggest that you search a little bit to find out the benefits and good income of it.

9. Build website as your company services

You can set up your own virtual company website. A company should not always be in person, but a virtual company can now be created.

10. Make an online store website

If you are interested in selling a product and able to do this, you can create a store and put your products there for sale. Of course, you must master marketing rules. And start earning money by using WordPress.

11. Launch Blog on WordPress

One of the most practical and interesting ways of blogging is content writing that heavily heats up the site’s SEO. As much your site SEO rank up your earning will increase. You can create your own content to make your website is known to Google and other Search Engines.

12. Writing content for other WordPress websites

You can write powerful content, but you cannot manage a website for yourself. What is the Solution? Write to other WordPress websites. Make money by generating content.

13. Writing e-books in WordPress

You should not always create content on a blog or site. You can also create valuable content and sell it as E-Book on your website. This is one of the best ways to make money online using WordPress.

14. Run podcast on WordPress

If you’re not enjoying writing content, you should not think that there is no way to share content among people. You can also create quality and informative podcasts that have many audiences.

15. WordPress Training

If you have mastered WordPress debates, then you can share your skills with others. You will be able to train with the help of online courses or training packages like &

16. Support service in WordPress

Different parts and in fact, it can be said that all sections in WordPress need support. Why? Because plugins and the WordPress system are constantly being updated, this support plays an important role in this regard you can join WordPress community.

17. Selling WordPress Hosting Services

Do you already have knowledge of hosting and server support? If yes, you can easily provide hosting services and domain names that are appropriate for WordPress and make money using WordPress.

18. Make Money from WordPress with the help of advertising

If you a website with good daily traffic you can put ads on your website, be sure to follow this professionally. You can Make Money by getting ads and posting them on the site.

19. Offer Affiliate Marketing

Technically, there are two ways to use affiliate marketing that you can make and earn on your website. The first way is to register for affiliate programs related to your website that includes content, products or services.

20. Creating a website of special membership

In this way, you do not sell a product. Only members pay you the premium membership charges to use your website facilities. This is also one of the ways to make money using WordPress.

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