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Written by Irfan

when I read a post a couple months ago, I was intrigued I had recently taken an over SEO at our Blog that was receiving very little organic traffic. after many hours spent creating, promoting and manually link building, this happens on next day to become the first rank on google
if you need to know that how white hat SEO works follow the steps

  1. find content that already ranks for your target keyword.
  2. create something even better.
  3. Promote your content.

your ability to rank first on google depends on two things

1. Create something that deserves to rank Number 1
2. Promote that content

The question is this that how to create content that deserves to be number 1 on google?

Let me answer this you need to create your own Quality content read Books watch Videos regarding the content you want to type on your blog after having complete information create a combination of your ideas which you have taken from book reading or watching videos.
And the next question is how to promote your content?

yes publishing great content is important and you just need to give few more times for promoting that content to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many another social network

The technology of SEO is divided into two major categories.

  1. Techniques that search engines consider them as part of a well-designed and the White Hat SEO or SEO white hat known.
  2. Techniques that search engines do not approve it, the search engines are trying to reduce their impact and often as Black Hat or spamdexing be known.

in this topic, we just talk about techniques of White hat SEO

White Hat SEO:

You need to observe the following, technique or method in SEO and White Hat.

  • If you follow the guidelines of search engines.
  • If there is no trick in his work.
  • Ensure that the content that search engine index and rank corresponding to the same content a user will see.
  • Ensure that the content of web pages for users, not just for search engines is prepared.
  • Web pages with good quality.
  • Ensure that useful contents should be on the web pages.
  • Note: always follow methods and tactics of White Hat SEO  and do not attempt to deceive your users.
  • Note: In the next tutorial to learn White Hat SEO (WHST)  SEO techniques to White Hat SEO discussed. is very simple and requires no additional investment.

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