WordPress SEO Tips to Rank Your Web Pages Faster on Google

Written by Irfan

Follow the advice in this Article and you might be ranking on Google by the end of the day that’s coming up. Here we train to teach and educate business owners to become rock stars superstars in your industry and today is no exception my friends we’re going to be talking about how to do search engine optimization or SEO for your business now SEO has changed a lot and it’s going to continue to change but there are some basic principles that can be or that will be valuable to you no matter at what stage in the game you’re Reading this whether it’s today or a year from today so here are the three things that we’re going to cover today number one you’ve got to be creating great content all the time regularly your website – you’re going to need to optimize that content using the WordPress SEO plugin called Yoast and you have فخ download that right away Second create an XML sitemap using the Yoast plugin and send it to the search engines so that they recrawl your site this will help you to rank for those new pages immediately and put more content out there. The XML sitemap is a file that helps Google to understand your website’s structure a little bit more effectively and it makes it more crawlable and searchable for the search engines.

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How to do this? so now we’re going to the left-hand side of the screen and scroll down to where it says SEO and we’re going to click on XML sitemaps and what we’re going to do here is generate a sitemap and send it to Google and that is going to recrawl the site automatically this is really easy check the box to enable XML sitemap functionality.

create an xml sitemap

And it’s automatically going to ping Google and Bing but it’s not going to ping Yahoo and ask.com and they’re going to see my new pages with my new optimization and that’s going to help those pages rank faster.

Third You have to pick a page that’s not optimized and work on the page to Optimize that According to SEO.

whew so we did a lot of stuff here today and they were really breaking down into three simple steps which are created and optimize pages this is a process that has to be going on throughout the course of your website you know build five new pages a month for example then create an XML sitemap for your site and then submit that site to Google and ask for a crawl you should be doing this over and over and over again but I want to take a quick timeout and ask do you understand what we’re doing so far and why we’re doing it if you have questions ask them in the comments below guys I will answer your questions and in some cases I might even make a video for them if you want to learn and grow in internet marketing and you want to take it to the next level you’re going to want to Bookmark our website because we got great stuff coming and we got great stuff in the archive you can check some of our past Topics I really hope that you’ll leave some comments and tell us what’s on your mind

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